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Discussion Guide 4: Christian formation of youth

“Youth is an original and stimulating stage of life, which Jesus himself experienced, thereby sanctifying it”. (Christus Vivit 22)

This is the stage of discovery, of ideals, of the future which is built in the present. It is the moment to lay foundations, to have an experience of a close God who wants you to be happy and who is always with you. The stage of understanding, of comprehending a living God present in the world and in daily life. 

 Youth are on the path of discovering a faith that has meaning, not merely theoretical, but applicable to life. A faith that allows him or her to progress and begin a  path of deep and lasting happiness. Like the Samaritan woman, they seek water that can fully satisfy them. 

Allowing Jesus to accompany and know them deeply in this stage profoundly marks their hearts and lives.

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